Andreas Weigend | Social Data Revolution | Fall 2012
School of Information | University of California at Berkeley | INFO 290A-3

Please add the url of the photobook you created, with a couple of sentences describing your main idea, followed by your name to

Michael Hintze (
While technology has been the driving force behind the Social Data Revolution (SDR), but it is the stories we create that have and will always dominate its application and use. I focused on sharing the things that were most important to me. These are the memories that are scattered across my digital existence, from Facebook, to Tumblr, and Flickr to Twitter, and SDR is a direct result of our innate desire to share them.
You can find my Photo book here

Kuldeep Kapade (
Social Data Revolution is all about people. Its about connecting with real people. My photobook walks through the concept of SDR and what it means through the means of pictures.
My Photobook

Gaurav Shetti (
Data always had a social existence right from the start. Its just that we became more conscious now and moulded it into a form that assumed a supersonic identity. Lets see how it affects our lives now
My photo book:

Brandon King (
Description: I decided to focus on the history of what lead to the social data revolution, and then show how it was a catalyst for the Arab Spring.
Photo Book:

Omar Rehmane (
I give a quick rundown of the good and bad sides of the SDR.
Photobook is here.


Name: Eunkwang Joo -

Description: For me the most impressive part of Social Data Revolution is that I can share my memory with my acquaintances. And that sharing process becomes important memory as well.

I usually upload photos of my usual life on facebook. Everytime I upload a photo my friends do likes and make comments on it. Those interactions are a big pleasure of me.

So, I gather photos taken after I moved to Berkeley with like information and comments. The information is social data and this album is revolution to me.

Name:Sayantan Mukhopadhyay
India is the most compelling story to tell in the Social Data Revolution class. A nation with great diversity and difference embracing technology in every means to bring meaning to life. It's a fantastic journey of billion disparate people with zillion digital dreams.