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This pages lists -- most recent on top -- announcements made to class.
Please bring your name boards and the color cubes to class. Thank you.

Email sent November 12, 2012

From: Andreas Weigend
Sent: Monday, November 12, 2012 13:12
Subject: [ischool2012:5] No class today (holiday)

Dear Social Data Revolutionaries,

Since several students emailed me today that they are out of town for the holiday, I think the best is to cancel class today. I don’t want to ask Seth Goldstein to come and then there are only a couple of students attending. Will send a follow up email on Wednesday.

In the meantime, here are a couple of recent articles about what we were planning to talk about:

If you want to play with some of the real time data of , drop me an email and I will give you access to the google analytics account.
Also, Seth might be able to speak at the Social Data Summit next Monday, Nov 19 (same room, refreshments at 3:30pm, talks at 4 pm, see If you want to attend, please email me today or tomorrow, and RSVP at .


Email sent October 15, 2012

From: Andreas Weigend
Sent: Monday, October 15, 2012 10:43
Subject: class today optional (Q&A), plan for rest of the semester

Hi there,
If you are getting this email then I assume that you are interested in SDR, but do NOT expect a grade for the course this semester.

Please note that if you want a grade, you need to fill out the form at and come by the Oct 15 Q&A session so we can check on registration status etc.

Irrespective, I would like to extend to you the invitation to create a photobook showing your interpretation of the Social Data Revolution with visuals (photos, graphs, graphics, infographics, words, wordles, metrics, etc.).
Prompt: What does the SDR mean to you? Think about the people who matter to you, and what aspects of their lives serves as a “hooks” with respect to you. E.g., what is it about FB or LinkedIn updates that engages you? How can you visualize this? What other examples of social data, such as geo-location, draws you back in, again and again?
  • When: Sun Nov 4 (vouchers expire then), should select shipping speed so that it will arrive by Nov 9
  • Where: After creating your photobook, ship it to yourself and share with the class by putting it on the wiki (in order to do this, share the photobook url with yourself and then post it manually to the Photobooks page)
  • What: Bring photobook to last class on Mon Nov 12 (for show and tell)
  • Vouchers: Coupon codes are provided for you to create your photobook (email Lulu LIN if you still need a code:

And here are the remaining two classes:

  • Nov 19, 2012 (4:15-5:45pm)
    Fall 2012 Social Data Summit by the
    **Social Data Lab** . There are some spaces available for interested students to attend, please contact me directly.

And if you have ideas to share or any questions about SDR, come by the Q&A session:
  • Oct 15, 2012 (4:15-5:45pm)
    You drive this session by asking any questions you might have, and I will answer them. Please spend a few minutes and think about beforehand what you are curious about, and come prepared. That way, you'll get the most out of this session. There will also be a couple of presentations by students who would like to tell the class about the project they are doing and get feedback from class as well as possibly pick up another student interested in joining them.

That’s it. Thank you again for all your great work. I hope SDR was worth your time, and please stay in touch!

Email sent October 5, 2012

Subject: [ischool2012:3] Next class (Mon Oct 8, 4:15p) "Mr. iPhone-spyPhone"

Social Data Revolutionaries,

I am super excited that Pete Warden @petewarden will come to class this coming Monday, Oct 8. He is the founder and CEO of Jetpac -- please be ready to for take off at 4:15. If you don’t know him, he busted Apple by exposing what data they were secretly collecting about their consumers, the “iPhone spyPhone” story).

Pete is a wonderful story teller and will share with us some of his experiences with social data startups. To hit the ground running, please complete DF5 by Sunday 5pm.
Assignment: Play with jetpac ( , also iPad app) and reflect on what is going on.
Deliverable: Please post on one crisp insight related to jetpac, inspired by jetpac, or at least somehow related to a recent class :) Or comment on something that’s there already.
(Also posted at ).
This will be a pretty amazing class! See you Monday…

… and to be sure we are all on the same page (same as the the course home page, here is the rest of the course:

Oct 15: The subsequent week we’ll do an optional review session (Questions and Answers). You drive this session by any questions you might have, and I will answer them. Please spend a few minutes and think about before class what you are curious about, and come prepared. That way, you'll get the most out of this session.

We then have two topics left:

Class 7: Influence
Joe Fernandez, CEO of is coming to class. (Corresponding dogfood has been posted, class date is Oct 22.)

Class 8: Platforms
Seth Goldstein, CEO of is one of clear pioneers in Social Data and we are super honored to have him. He gave us a choice of dates:
Nov 12 (this is a UC Berkeley holiday but we can hold class), or
Nov 26 (this is the Monday after Thanksgiving).
Please check your availability and we’ll briefly discuss at the end of class on Monday and finalize the date.


PS: If you missed last class, audio and transcript are up at
And PLEASE DO CONTRIBUTE to the class wiki pages.
So far are not as good as what the Stanford students created (see . etc). :(
But you can change this!

Email sent September 21, 2012

Subject: 290-A SDR Update Week 4
Hi there, thank you for your mid-course feedback, and greetings from Quito… if you are up at 10am in the morning today (Friday), dial into for a good time… despite that sketchy url, you don’t have to be above 21, and no credit card is required to watch that live show! Would love to know what you think about it.

It might even bring you into the mood to have some dogfood for the next class: “Geolocation: Possibilities, Problems and Privacy”. To prepare, consider this:
  • If a group of sketchy characters had all of the world’s geo-location data at their fingertips, what can you imagine would be the most shady thing they could do with it?
Once you have come up with a creative answer (discuss it with your friends), go to Quora, which sports Jeremy Carr’s rewrite of the question.
  • If Dr. Evil had the entire world's geo data at his fingertips, how would he maximize havoc/personal gain?"
Please read the responses that are already there, and then contribute your idea highlighting what others have not said yet. Please include your name (anonymous comments obviously don’t count towards grade!).
I will grade your responses the day before class after 5pm (Sunday evening).

Class on Monday will start at 4:15 sharp. We will launch three 20-minute fireworks
After the fireworks, we will investiage their fall out and try to sort them into the class topic of Geolocation: Possibilities, Problems and Privacy. And this topic will likely spill over into office hours.
This should be a great class for creating the wiki skeleton. There still are sign-up spots left. (And for those who take them, please make sure one of you borrows my SD card right after class and copies the recordings onto their laptops for your review.) And the detailed agenda is at Class4 .

Email sent September 16, 2012

Subject: Did you receive “Subject: 290-A SDR Update Week 3”?

Hi there,

This email is going out to those who are on the current class list and those who were on previous versions but are no longer. We might have dropped them by mistake, or they might have decided the class is not for them.

If you received the email “Subject: 290-A SDR Update Week 3” yesterday, you are on the list If you did not receive it, you are not on this mailing list.
  • If you received it but do NOT want to get it, follow directions to unsubscribe at the bottom of that email.
  • If you did not receive that email but DO want to get class emails, please email Ben (, with me in cc) to get added. (Thank you Ben for all your help with the class list!)
That email I sent is also reproduced at the bottom here and posted at , the page where all class emails are archived.
Please note that for the second half of the course, the times will be different. Correct and final times are on the home page

A few more points here:

We are still looking for a student to do develop and do social media strategy for this course. Anyone interested? Please sign up.
Other ideas? Anything else you can contribute to the course? Please let me know as soon as possible.

Big thanks to Shreyas for having worked with me patiently on getting the structure of the wiki up.
In terms of content,
The skeletons of Class1 and Class2 (including the transcripts) are now up: Thank you Prabha Wendy, and Corey, Dave and Michael.
This means for YOU: Green light to improve the pages as you are reviewing the material. This course is about a revolution and its consequences – we need your critical and creative brains to contribute, whether you
  • give a link explaining briefly how it relates and why it is relevant, or
  • simply improve the way a point is being made, or
  • clarify an underlying assumption that was not make clear, or
  • add something I missed…
Whatever helps to get things across clearly.

For tomorrow’s class, we still need 1-2 students to sign up on and join Nahee in producing the initial page by this Thursday. (Make sure you ask me right after class for the SD card with the audio and copy it on one of your laptops.)

Greatly looking forward to tomorrow’s performance (aka class). The topic is “The Future of Work”. Our guest is Jon Paris, CEO of Astrid. Please make sure you do DF2 so you are prepared for the discussion. And after class – YAY, thanks to Snapfish – we will have free food and drinks!! Feel free to invite your cool friends to join us at 6:30 right outside the classroom.


PS: Three events related to class (entirely voluntary, no effect on grade):
  1. Wednesday, September 19
    At 12 noon, Judd Antin from Facebook will speak about "What Lies Beneath: The Foundations of Motivation in the Age of Social Media" at 250 Sutardja Dai Hall, UC Berkeley Just show up.
  2. Thursday-Friday, September 20-21
    Having spoken at their conference before, I got 5 VIP passes (free) for the Digital Strategy Innovation Summit this week. Check out and if you are interested, let David ( , with me in cc) know who you are and that you would like to attend.
  3. Saturday next week, September 29
    All day SDL event at Snapfish in San Francisco
    We’ll talk about that at the end of class tomorrow just before the reception they are sponsoring tomorrow.

Email sent September 15, 2012

Subject: [ischool2012:1] 290-A SDR Update Week 3

Social Data Revolutionaries!
On Monday 9/17 (Class3) we’ll discuss how the future of work is being revolutionized by social data. Jon Paris, the CEO of Astrid will come to class and share his experiences and vision. To prepare,
the prep for Monday (Dogfood 2) is at
Starting the subsequent week (with 9/24), to accommodate the students who have another class that cuts into our beginning, and those who have to leave,, we broke up the classes in the second half from three 3-hours classes to six 90-minutes classes each. They will be 4:15 – 4:45pm. All final times and dates are on the home page
Have a great weekend, and see you Monday at 3:30pm (i.e., this Monday is still the “old” time)!

Email sent September 7, 2012

Subject: 290-A SDR Update Week 2

Social Data Revolutionaries!

Hope that you had a great Labor Day weekend and week – myself just got back a talk at Aspen about Privacy Inversion (rather than Invasion), and here is an article from Forbes about a talk I gave at last week at Stanford's Digital Marketing Program

This email is to bring you up to speed before we meet for our second class. Please read it carefully and ask any questions you have on Monday during class.

Our course wiki up at [[]] (short for
Please spend a few minutes reading the home page and familiarizing yourself with the general “Help” (top right) on the wiki.
The skeleton of Class1 is also up, enabling you to add your thoughts, interesting links etc.

Should you not have edit permissions, fill out the google form at with the email address that works best for you (and possibly submit any other info or corrections via the last text box of the form). FYI, the addresses I am sending this email to are the email addresses that I gave permission to edit the wiki. Also, should you not have not have filled out the survey yet please do so as soon as possible, DEFINITELY before Sunday 9/9 evening. It takes about an hour and is a requirement.

I will discuss the grading policy on Monday. In short, it is:
  • 30% class wiki (see checklist in FAQ). The wiki contribution can be waived by explicit consent of instructor for projects or task that require more than 12 hours of your time.
  • 30% task or project with blog entry (evaluated November 15, 2012)
  • 25% homework assignments
  • 15% class participation
So, for each of Class2 through Class6, four students need to sign up on the corresponding class wiki page. One person for prep before the class, the other three to be responsible as a team for having the wiki skeleton up within three days of class, by Thursday after class. I will review the page Thursday after 10pm and give between 0 and 30 points for what is on the page then. Starting Friday morning, all the other students are invited to contribute to the page.

Especially if you have not signed up for a specific week, do carefully read Tasks and sign up for something you are excited about to contribute. If there is something you think would be awesome and/or useful for the course, suggest it to me. We will add some more next week.

While we are at the topic of signups, please consider

Please note that these office hours are not required and have no effect on your grade. But I am very interested in your timely feedback and suggestions on how the course can be improved!

Additional, brief homework assignment (less than an hour per class) are at Dogfoods.

Please note at the bottom (the page is in reverse chronological order) the assignment on Identity (Hardy vs Weigend) where your deliverable is a posting or comment on
This Facebook page is also the place for shorter ideas or links you want to share and get a discussion going.

The place for co-creating longer posts (of 1-2 pages) is blog. Here are some examples from previous classes:
You get the idea (and might even find some of them interesting). To recap (after side tracking you), blog is the place where larger pieces e.g., when you interviewed someone cool in this space get molded into something that can be published. At the end of the course, we will combine these pieces with other materials into a book. But every journey starts with a first step, and I tried to make it as easy as possible to get started.

Remember: In this course, YOU play an important part by bringing in yourself and your social data experiences. In some sense, we all are volunteers, and we all are expected to contribute, whether it is to tasks already on the wiki, and new ones that will come up as we go along. And honestly, if this is not what you want, the deadline to drop the course without payment is this Friday.

If you are still reading… I look forward to seeing you in class on Monday. And so I can learn the names more easily, can you please bring your name board and put it up in front of you with the little feedback device we will build at the beginning of class?


PS: Once again, all the course notes are a wiki! So, please add anything you figured out that could be useful for others to FAQ. This is the place where anything you did not know but figured out needs to get posted BY YOU.

Email sent August 24, 2012

Subject: DUE SAT: Survey for 290-A Social Data Revolution

Hi there,
I am Andreas Weigend. I am teaching the Social Data Revolution course (SDR) at the School of Information this fall. I am emailing you since you signed up for it. Before we meet this Monday (August 27th) for the first time (3:30 – 6:30, South Hall 202), I would like to know a bit more about you!
I’ve put up 20 questions at . Please take answer them thoughtfully, if possible within a day (by Saturday, August 25th, afternoon). Thank you. And please don't hesitate to let me know any questions you might have, or (650) 906-5906.

PS: Here is some essential Information:

(A) Dates
SDR is a half-semester course. This means we have six 3-hour classes, all in the assigned slot (Monday 3:30 – 6:30). The dates are:
  1. August 27th
  2. September 10th
  3. September 17th
  4. September 24th or October 1st
  5. October 15th or October 22nd
  6. November 12th

The current uncertainty for classes 4 and 5 is that we will invite two guests for part of these classes and I want to make sure I learn from you whose insights you would really appreciate (please let me know your thoughts). The dates will be finalized by the during the second week of the semester (by September 15th).

(B) Social Data Lab
I am running the Social Data Lab (SDL), with a dozen current and former Stanford students. The lab is organized as an LLC and not an official part of any university. We meet about once a month, often with executives and data scientists from one company who want to get insights into what to do with data they have (and data they don’t have yet).

Here are the next events:
  • August 24th (Fri) 7p-10p (Café Pro Bono, 2437 Birch St, Palo Alto)
    Plan SDL events for the fall over dinner
  • September 29th (Sat) 11a – 6p (Snapfish, 303 2nd St, San Francisco)
    Working in tandem with Snapfishers, create photo books that tells the story of the Social Data Revolution
  • October 23rd (Tue) afternoon (Stanford, 3 days after Big Game)
    Figure out a SoLoMo strategy for Bank of America (with their executives interested big data and innovation).
  • November 19th or 26th (Mon) afternoon (Berkeley)
    TBD (3:30 – 6:30 is the usual time slot for our class, and this is the week after our last class. We’ll invite the Stanford kids over)

If you want more info, please sign up for the SDL mailing list at .

(C) Part Time Work (no effect on grade)
I need some help with some tasks: some of it is related to SDR, some to class, and some is more like exec assistance. If you have a positive attitude towards people and getting stuff completed, write well (including emails), and have an ear on the ground about what is happening, then please do drop me an email about what you do best and what you are excited about.

Here are some example tasks:
  • Write a blog post or a book chapter.
  • Do research for a talk, create bullet points for an outline, and eventually a crisp presentation.
  • Prep me and make suggestions of overlap before I meet with a VC or a startup.
  • Ask questions and make sense of some data.
  • Write a workshop proposal with me for a company and clean it up so it can be shipped.
  • Follow up with people after conference (e.g., after TED).

Have a look at to see what I do. And if you are interested in some of it, please email me over the weekend–and be sure to mention:
  • What you can do,
  • What you want to do,
  • How much time you want to spend on it this semester (in my experience, a day a week makes sense, some with me, some without me, less becomes inefficient).
  • Also please include in the email what you think is fair for in terms of payment.