Andreas Weigend | Social Data Revolution | Fall 2012
School of Information | University of California at Berkeley | INFO 290A-3

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Note: In addition to the tasks that count towards class credit, we have USD 100 vouchers from snapfish to create photobooks to tell The Story of the Social Data Revolution: Please contact (w: 415 979-3948, m: 763 458-4146) for vouchers, and bring your book to the last class.

Tasks taken by students

* Social media strategy for this course

Use PHAME, i.e., specify metrics, figure out actions, do experiments... and summarize in the last class what worked and what didn't work.

* Survey Analysis

Analysis of the initial surveys (Fall Semester Survey Responses, Info Session Survey Responses).

* New Survey

Create and field a new survey to discover:
  • What is one meme in social data that you see trending up?
  • For this meme, who is a central person?
  • What channel are they influential in (e.g., their twitter handle, facebook page, etc.)?
  • What is the main reason that people trust that person?
  • What social data topics keep students intrigued and eager to explore?
  • Given all your responses so far, what are the implications for making an engaging, possibly viral, video or film?
Please also discuss strategies on the distribution of the survey your ideas on what incentives will get people to respond.

* Feedback for Next Year's Class

Create a survey to discover how class can be improved for next year
  • How can the class structure be improved?
  • Are their better ways to track contributions, other than the wiki?
  • How should information in the class be organized and presented, around case studies, more lectures, etc?
  • How can students be more engaged, what was missing this time, whats can we add for next class?
I will get every student that is currently in the class to participate by leveraging the group mailing list, our current social networks, and also provide students the opportunity to answer the survey in class after lecture.

* Social Data Film Research

What films (released or currently in production) are covering social data? What are your recommendation of what background and historical information needs to be included in a film on this topic in 2013?

* Course List Czar

* Course Wiki Structure Genius

* Course Video Producer