Andreas Weigend | Social Data Revolution | Fall 2012
School of Information | University of California at Berkeley | INFO 290A-3

What are the steps to create and publish the weekly class wiki pages?

There are "slots" on each class page where people can sign up. if you sign up for a class wiki, then it is your responsibility to have the corresponding class wiki up 3 days after class.
To help you get this done, here is a checklist for each week's wiki team. (And since this is a wiki, clarify things that are not clear by adding this here!)
  1. Right after class, copy wav file of audio recording from Andreas’s SD card to a team member’s hard drive, get class outline, powerpoints etc
  2. Right after class, set meeting time for team member for the day after class (Tuesday) or Wednesday.
  3. Create content (see for example pages) starting with the page skeletons we created for each week (please do not change the filenames already there)
  4. Create with your team a video of 7-10 minutes length highlighting the main insights of the class and creating 3-4 key takeaways from the class in your own words.
    • Format: Ideally 720p (1280x720), .mp4, audio is high priority)
    • Video(s) and relevant media to be uploaded via DropBox (e.g., from an iPhone using the Dropbox iPhone app)
      if below 2GB:,
      if above 2 and below 100 GB:
    • Your video will be post-produced by Shaun Tai for
  5. Complete your version of page within three days after class (by 10pm on the Thursday after class).
  6. Upload the video and co-ordinate with Shaun Tai.
  7. Create post on link to the class wiki page and a very brief summary.
  8. Andreas will grade the page after 10pm Thursday and give the same number of points to each team member that are listed on top of the class pages.

How do I email the entire class?

  • Send email to
  • Emails arrive with the prefix [SDRischool2012:%d] where %d is the number of the message.
  • Please note that Andreas set up this group such that replying to a message only goes to the author of that message.

What is the difference to the QandA page?

The QandA page has the content of the Oct 15 review session. The **FAQ page (ie this page) is the place to ask and answer logistics questions.